How do we stack up? 

Understand the differences using the examples below

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It is common knowledge that you can purchase 2D cardboard cutouts with a low budget, but why settle for cheap, flimsy product displays when you can make your brand stand out to customers?

Cardboard cutouts blend in with all the rest doing very little for your all-important retail presence.

We are not in the business of trying to compete, so do your brand a favour and display it in the best way possible. 

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Costly inflatables often distort shapes and images on products, can suffer fatal damage which could demean branding quality, and require power sourcing for complex installation and removals.

An inflatable will always look like an inflatable, it is that simple.

StackaWraps are an economical and ecologically sound alternative that provides a self-sufficient display.

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Initial setup costs alone caneat up your budgeting in addition to expensive shipping, timely installation/removal logistic and expert fitting. Repairs to cracks and scuffs are difficult and costly to repair.

StackaWraps simple instructions require no specialist equipment. Wraps and internals can be re-ordered to update, refresh and re-season your displays.

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3D printed

Great for big-budget "one-off” prototype in block colour, but for POS campaigns across multiple outlets this would not be commercially viable and the bland print may tarnish your products finer details (not to mention the huge shipping costs).

StackaWraps offers photo-realistic detailing of your exact imaging and shadow depth; down to every reflective shine, bursting bubble or rippling of condensation.

High visibility disruptive marketing tools that work

Trusted by the worlds biggest brands

VERY affordable unit cost

Supplied as easy to assemble modular kits

Flat packed for low-cost shipping

Reuse or Recycle

Quick lead times

NOW includes shelves for stock holding