Shelfies make an impact and sell more product!

Looking for an eye-catching display that will stand out on the shop floor from all other FSDU’s then our clever new product does the trick perfectly. The units look like the real thing just "oversized" but they also provide all the features and benefits of normal FSDU’s.

Designed to last, the products flat pack for distribution, assemble quickly and can be easily rebranded in the future by producing a new stretch fabric wrap for the frame. Initial feedback from the marketplace indicates Stackawrap Shelfies have increased sales volumes; they grab attention and help sell more product, what more could you want from a merchandising unit?

From a 2D image and your initial ideas the Stackawraps studio team utilises specialist software to create the 3D image and frame model along with bespoke internal shelving to suit the size and weight of your products.

All parts are cut, numbered and packed into compact boxes accompanied by a set of easy to follow instructions ready to distribute directly to your outlets at a low cost.

  • 4ft - 8ft high, multiple shelving units

  • Each designed as its own bespoke assembly kit

  • Virtually any product can be replicated 

  • Semi-permanent displays that won't damage like cardboard

  • High volume orders can achieve extremely low unit costs


If Are you in the trade?

Do you manufacturer POS, display or shelving solutions and want to offer a new and innovative product to your customers?

If so we are able to supply you with the CAD files to enable you to produce the parts that make up the internal frame. We will print, cut and sew the digital fabric covers and send to you. We think this is a highly effective and efficient way of working to help increase your profit margins.

Give your customers a fresh approach to merchandising display and use Stackawraps innovative new products to help you open new lines of enquiry.

Call us to find out how we can support your sales efforts.

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